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Google Translate Bar v1.3.3

This extension for Safari uses the Google Translate Bar to translate a page in place. Just click the toolbar icon and then select the language to translate to, from the Select Language dropdown that appears. Click the toolbar again to hide it.

"Included Languages" - the languages to include in the available list. If left blank, it will show all languages supported by the GTB API. If you want to restrict it, enter a comma-separated list of standard 2-letter language codes to use. eg. en for English, fr for French, de for German, es for Spanish, etc.
"Load Automatically" - makes the translate bar load with each page, without the need to click the toolbar icon

Update History
v1.3.3 (28-Aug-2011)
- fixed minor issue due to Google changing API slightly
- added detection of Japanese language for .jp domains

v1.3.1 (25-Jul-2010)
- added ability to hide Google Translate Bar as well as the dropdown menu of languages by clicking the toolbar icon a second time

v1.3 (16-Jul-2010)
- added preference to automatically load the translate bar for each page
- improved automatic translation of pages when translate bar is loaded (be it automatically, or by clicking the toolbar icon)


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